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 Pic was taken at the launch of OMIE at ExhibitA by Anya Ayoung Chee

Pic was taken at the launch of OMIE at ExhibitA by Anya Ayoung Chee

 Magazine Photoshoot with Kayla & Amity 

Magazine Photoshoot with Kayla & Amity 

 Working on updated Chocolate Inserts in Hong Kong 

Working on updated Chocolate Inserts in Hong Kong 

Frequently Asked Questions ..and our Answers.

What do you need from me (the client) to begin work?

To begin work, the designer typically and should ask for the background of your company/service. Whether it comes in the form of a creative brief that you provide, a brief that the designer can provide for the client to answer, any accompanying information relevant to the company/product or service. Photos, old promotional material, vision boards, goals, plans, drawings etc. This helps the designer and the client to be on the same page to create artwork that is on strategy.

How long will the artwork/process take?

this process is never the same for every project. However a realistic timeline is always preferable to create work that the client and the designer agree is on strategy and worthy of portfolio and consumers attention. 

The Importance of Typography in Design

I obviously we have an obsession with Typography, but realistically what designer doesn't? Our main focus when it comes to the intense process and time that goes into choosing a typeface is the USP- Unique Selling Proposition aka the most unique thing about the particular company/person. Are they detail oriented? very specific about the product they are producing?, is it a larger company with a distinct voice or a small company that has been making the product for generations?. All these aspects lead to a specific typeface that will say all the above things about your product without you having to speak a word.

So much goes into this process, far more than just the fact that the typeface or font is pretty.

Typography may seem like a very small part of design, but really, it is one of the most important.

The Difference Between a Font and a Typeface

A font is a grouping of typefaces that have similar characteristics.

A typeface is referring to an individual family member of that font.